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Steve Moore (Angies List Review)

Steve Moore (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Repaired water damaged ceiling in dining area and kitchen. Repaired damaged ceiling in upstairs man cave where I had step through the ceiling. On time and completed job in time estimated. Very pleased with work and JT and his staff were a joy to work with. Very professional but personal. Well worth the cost. I will hire again if needed and will gladly refer JT to others.

Frank Connelly (Angies List Review)

Frank Connelly (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Repaired ripped drywall at the apex of a cathedral ceiling. Also fixed drywall holes in several areas throughout the home caused by my large dog. Also fixed a drywall hole in the master bedroom caused by grandson stepping through the attic floor. JT was able to work with a last minute changed schedule on my part. He and his crew were punctual and professional in fixing all my drywall. They did a superb job at a very good price. I highly recommend JT to anyone who needs drywall repair.

Deb Heidt (Angies List Review)

Deb Heidt (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Tied in drywall edges of 7 skylight wells; repaired water damage and settling cracks in older home. JT and Dwight did a great job of bringing the drywall edges up to meet skylight frames giving them the clean-edged architectural look I was after. Also repaired midline cracks in two cathedral ceilings, settling cracks, sheetrock tape repairs and some water damage from minor leaks.. JT was amenable to work around my schedule. They prepped areas well, cleaned up thoroughly after sanding and left minimal dust behind. Great job at a reasonable price provided by professional craftsmen.

Elizabeth Brooks (Angies List Review)

Elizabeth Brooks (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Repaired plaster in bathroom and kitchen; repaired water damage near fireplace while matching old pattern. JT was quick to answer our request for a price for multiple small plaster jobs. Since we are an older house, he wanted to make sure of the type of ceiling repairs needed. He asked great questions and made some smart suggestions and even gave us some names of talented individuals for other jobs he doesn't do. After agreeing to a price, he showed up with his team and they got them to work. They were remarkable careful not to make a mess while doing the repair work. They were quick and attentive. They matched the 60 year old swirl pattern perfectly. JT even came back two days later to be inspect the results before accepting payment. He even checked back with us on the work the others he recommended have been doing. I can't recommend JT Askew high enough. We could not be happier.

William Sherman (Angies List Review)

William Sherman (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

JT Askew provided, hung and finished drywall for approximately 1750 SF of new living space. Once it stopped raining and the ground had dried up some, this company hand delivered and hand carried 106 sheets of 4' X12' X 1/2" sheet rock down a hill and into a basement. Through no fault of their own, the rain had prevented this job from starting when expected, but was promptly started within a few days. A team came in to hang the drywall quickly and in a professional manner. The finisher came in right after the hangers and also did his job quickly and professionally without any flaws. There were a couple of tricky spots in the mechanical area of the basement which they worked around with ease and they also did a superior job of finishing a curved wall area. This job was completed in the time I allotted and on schedule. From delivery to clean up, this company did an excellent job and I would use them again as needed for repair or new work. I will also recommend JT Askew Drywall and Plaster Repairs to any one needing this type of service.

Ryan Bradley (Angies List Review)

Ryan Bradley (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Put up new drywall on the ceiling in our living room. We were renovating our house, and took down acoustic tiles from the ceiling. There was perfectly good drywall there originally, but the liquid nails holding up the tiles had ruined the drywall. I was going to try to sand it and repaint, but gave up on that idea. I looked up JT Askew and asked them to come give me an estimate for putting up new drywall. They suggested just putting up new drywall over the old. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with a contractor in our newly-bought house that we've been renovating. JT was very responsive and showed up the day after I called to check out the situation and give me his advice and cost estimate. We have about a 13'x30' living room and they quoted us $600 for the labor (I bought the drywall). I had done some research and determined that this was a very good deal. They came to the house the day after I bought the drywall, and had it all installed and mudded in half a day. Then came back the next morning to sand it, cleaned up, and were done. It's the best drywall finishing I've ever seen, and had several friends make that same comment. I will definitely hire them again if we have any more drywall work.

Patricia Link (Angies List Review)

Patricia Link (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Date and Cost approx. Plaster repairs done in 7 rooms where radiators where removed. Also several settling cracks were repaired. Could not have gone better!

Liston Bailey (Angies List Review)

Liston Bailey (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Repaired a hole in my ceiling. Good Job!

Carlon Lassiter (Angies List Review)

Carlon Lassiter (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Repaired ceiling due to upstairs washer machine failure Awesome! Great service. They went above and beyond to satisfy.

Joel Schiff (Angies List Review)

Joel Schiff (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Repaired portion of ceiling drywall. Very nicely done. Area was completely clean after work was done. I will gladly use JT Askew again for similar work.

Jerry Romonoski (Facebook Review)

Jerry Romonoski (Facebook Review) ★★★★★

The best in the business!

George & Teresa

George & Teresa ★★★★★

JT, you are the consummate professional and can always use us as a reference. The work product was excellent and the customer service was outstanding!

Jim Young (Facebook Review)

Jim Young (Facebook Review) ★★★★★

Jeff is the best drywall man on the Peninsula. He was my foreman and best friend for many years. He can give you a professional job and do it quickly and effieciently. He makes my retirement more rewarding, knowing that he greatly enhanced Young Drywall for over thirty years.

Don Pollard (Angies List Review)

Don Pollard (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Taped and mudded my garage drywall, working around ductwork, garage door hardware, etc. They came, they worked, they finished quickly. Very nice job.

Paula Durham (Angies List Review)

Paula Durham (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Repaired plaster ceiling due to water damage. Good, quick service.

Sarah Appleton (Angies List Review)

Sarah Appleton (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Four weeks ago, the house I had just moved into suffered a severe plumbing problem. While many of the service people did good work, J.T. Askew, Denise, and the rest of the crew were outstanding. The work was meticulously done, quickly, and the staff was pleasant and professional. They came when they said they would (What a concept!) and took every precaution to keep my house as dust free as possible. These are wonderful people, and I will absolutely work with them again.

Richard Y. Hartline (Facebook Review)

Richard Y. Hartline (Facebook Review) ★★★★★

JT and his crew (Kirkland Gourley and Jim Young) did a fantastic job drywalling and painting our home after 30 years of weathering. They were prompt, efficient and courteous over the week and my wife and I felt they were part of the family from the get go. Their price was fair and they even found and repaired other damage not on the quote. I highly recommend them to anyone needing major or minor drywall, plaster, interior painting work. We will always use them in the future.

Michael Barnes (Facebook Review)

Michael Barnes (Facebook Review) ★★★★★

I used JT for a repair in my basement due to some damage from a water leak. He responded quickly to my phone call, completed the job within 2 days of first contacting him and the price was completely fair. I would have no problem recommending him to someone looking for drywall work.

Angies List Review

Angies List Review ★★★★★

I was 100% satisified with every aspect of service and quality of work from this contractor. My first time using Angie's List and glad I did.

Judith Rasper (Angies List Review)

Judith Rasper (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

JT Askew and team performed sheetrock repair – water damage and stress crack repair – and painting. Very professional, highly technically skilled, attention to detail, very personable, responsive and punctual, reasonable price. Highly recommend. Would not hesitate to use him again.

Peerless Restoration (Superpages Review)

Peerless Restoration (Superpages Review) ★★★★★

We are very happy with all of our repairs that his team of professional workers does.

Angela Goforth Harrow (Facebook Review)

Angela Goforth Harrow (Facebook Review) ★★★★★

Great job! Reasonable price! Would highly recommend!

Angies List Review

Angies List Review ★★★★★

JT Askew was punctual, reasonable, and professional--and did a fantastic job. Cost was reasonable and cleaned up after job and very friendly. Highly recommended. A good choice.

Mark Weideman (Angies List Review)

Mark Weideman (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

I was 100% satisified with every aspect of service and quality of work from this contractor. My first time using Angie's List and glad I did.

Angies List Review

Angies List Review ★★★★★

Great! Owner (JT) of company was directly involved in the project. Techs on site were very professional and made an effort to reduce the amount of dust in home during demolition. They used quality materials. Would absolutely use again and would highly recommend!

Ray Hensley (Facebook Review)

Ray Hensley (Facebook Review) ★★★★★

JT Askew Drywall & Plaster Repairs are just SUPER. I hired them to repair a large hole in the living room of a rental house recently for me in the Buckroe Beach area. His crew arrived on time, performed the work very professionally, cleaned up extremely well and we're very pleasant. The wall was a special textured material so his crew had to spray on the popcorn looking finish, let it dry and sand it to match the wall. They did a superb job; can't even tell a hole was there. I highly recommend them.

Debbie & John Baer

Debbie & John Baer ★★★★★

Had a 8" inch hole in the kitchen from roof leak water damage. Wanted to get it fixed before Christmas. Researched Angie's list for local provider/contractors and found JT Askew. Wrote them a short request/requirements email on Angie's List messages. Got a reply within a day that said they could do the work in the timeframe requested. Jim Young stopped by on 15 Dec for a look at the damage and an estimate. The estimate was within the range I had set. Said he could do the work the next day..16 Dec. The repair with painting was conducted on 16 Dec with minimal hassle and excellent results. An A+ job from beginning to end.


Scott Douglas (Angies List Review)

Scott Douglas (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Bill Farley (Facebook Review)

Bill Farley (Facebook Review) ★★★★★

Thomas Williams (Angies List Review)

Thomas Williams (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Judith Rasper (Angies List Review)

Judith Rasper (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Patricia Paolicelli (Angies List Review)

Patricia Paolicelli (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Jim Helmick (Angies List Review)

Jim Helmick (Angies List Review) ★★★★★

Angela Harrow (Facebook Review)

Angela Harrow (Facebook Review) ★★★★★

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